For over a decade, the State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) has assisted state elected leaders around the country in crafting sound policy solutions and promoting their successes.  Today, I am proud to release a comprehensive study authored by Dr. George Ford about the economics of municipal broadband that illustrates the commitment SGLF has to conservative leaders and innovative policy solutions.  The report is timely because all over the country, state laws that oversee and constrain government ownership of broadband networks are under threat.  Such laws are important due to the adverse impacts of government-owned broadband networks on consumer tax bills, competition among private broadband providers and the flow of private investment into digital infrastructure.

SGLF firmly believes in the urgent need for good policy to ultimately be realized at the state level.  Given the breadth and depth of policy issues state governments face, SGLF’s mission has been to help guide and direct the prioritization and dialogue around these issues.  Across the ideological spectrum, we have found that the issues confronting stakeholders in state government are becoming more complex and more urgent.  This shift has resulted in a new generation of state leadership that is increasingly seeking more intellectually sophisticated policy solutions and strategic advice on implementation.  There is no better example of the need for a thoughtful approach to complex policy than those issues presented in this study. 

Too often the focus of attention is centered on the federal government in Washington, D.C. where, in recent years, little has been accomplished.  Instead, there is a wonderful story to be told in state capitols across the country where leaders from coast to coast have been pioneering bold, conservative solutions in our laboratories of democracy.  Throughout my time as Chairman of SGLF, we have attempted to tell that story in highlighting innovative policies that have improved millions of Americans lives.  This study continues that legacy and clearly demonstrates the wisdom of state elected leaders in forming policy designed to protect taxpayers while ensuring the innovative age of free-market driven technological change continues to flourish.

SGLF has been and continues to be front and center in the public debate by proactively promoting sound policy throughout the states, by educating the public and state government officials, and by defending key policy ideas, state leaders and legislation when they come under attack.

image002I am proud that this study continues these traditions and look forward to the impact it will have in state capitols across the country.

Congressman Tom Reynolds
Chairman, State Government Leadership Foundation

To view the full study, click here.

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