We support and promote: 

  • Responsible stewardship of our energy-rich country — America possesses the largest combined gas, coal, and oil reserves of any nation in the world. 
  • Free-market access to affordable, abundant, and reliable energy sources, that have always been key to America’s dynamism, innovation, and standard of living. 
  • Reducing the overall footprint of government in energy markets, while simultaneously encouraging state and federal policies that propel private sector innovation and entrepreneurship. 
  • Expanding America’s electricity grid so that states have greater access to reliable and affordable energy, while proactively guarding against cyber and terrorist attacks. 



We support and promote: 

  • Protecting and preserving a healthy natural earth for the sake of future generations to come. 
  • Environmental policies that are rooted in limited government, accountability, free enterprise, and environmental stewardship. 
  • Exploring approaches to climate change that are both empirically based, and market based.


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