Economic Prosperity – Fiscal Policy

We support and promote: 

  • The power of free-market economies across our United States and abroad. 
  • Smaller and more efficient government, that gives way to the competitive environment and outstanding entrepreneurship and keeps the American economy strong, state by state. 
  • Lowering America’s tax burden across the board, at both state and federal levels. 
  • Reducing state debt and the national debt through responsible budgeting, spending cuts, introducing caps on future debts, and intentionally working to repay the trillions of debt owed. 
  • International trade policies and agreements that are free and fair.

Economic Prosperity – Jobs & Workforce

We support and promote: 

  • Innovative approaches to job creation and workforce development. 
  • Private investment and competition in the workforce as important drivers of economic growth the job creation. 
  • Reducing corporate tax rates and regulatory barriers so that employers can hire more employees here at home rather than outsourcing jobs abroad. 
  • Protecting and advancing the 30 million small business owners, who employ over 59 million people. 
  • State Right-to-work laws that offer freedom of choice for workers and correlate with household employment growth in states where these laws are on the books. 
  • State and local governments taking proactive steps to reestablish voter control over government by ending collective bargaining with government unions. 


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