The Center for Conservative Initiatives (CCI) is a national effort leveraging resources to oppose or support ballot initiatives that impact conservative governing, bureaucratic growth, or free enterprise. During the 2016 election cycle, CCI will work to identify states and issues that rank as high priorities for conservative leaders across the nation, and then strategize with those leaders and invest resources that will promote conservative policy.

Changing Policy

Ballot initiatives have become a favorite vehicle of the left to achieve policy outcomes not otherwise possible with the increasing number of GOP-controlled state legislatures.


Ballot initiatives can define and drive specific conversations during election years, such as minimum wage and taxes in 2014, leading candidates to address these issues throughout their campaigns.


Ballot initiatives have been shown to affect turnout among targeted groups of voters. 

Voter Education

Informing voters about a ballot question is the difference between the success or defeat of any initiative. A combination of earned and paid media coupled with effective grassroots strategies are critical to the success or defeat of any measure