The SGLF Team

Austin Chambers – Executive Director

Austin serves as Executive Director of SGLF. Austin also serves as President of the Republican State Leadership Committee. A native of Georgia, Austin comes to the RSLC after significant victorious campaign consulting and management roles in the last three election cycles, including Governor Brian Kemp (former RSSC Chairman), Governor Kay Ivey (former RLGA Executive Committee Member), U.S. Senator David Perdue, and a successful campaign for Governor in Missouri. He also led some of the largest independent expenditure efforts for the Republican Governors Association (RGA) last cycle. He has also worked on state legislative races and as a private political consultant.

Sarah Lenti – Senior Policy Advisor

Sarah serves as a Senior Advisor to SGLF. A graduate student of Stanford University in Russian & East European Studies, Sarah has a diverse and varied background, having previously served as a Director at the National Security Council under National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice from 2001-2005 at the White House. Sarah led the research for Governor Romney’s 2010 book, No Apology: The Case for American Greatness and is a frequent contributor to FOX News and The BBC World News Service. She is the CEO and founder of SML Advisory Partners.

Casey Dietrich – Deputy Executive Director

Casey serves as Deputy Executive Director of SGLF. Prior to joining SGLF, Casey spent recent election cycles as a senior researcher at the Republican Governors Association, and at the National Republican Congressional Committee. Casey’s research has contributed to the success of many state and federal campaigns, including those of Governor Brian Kemp and Governor Mike DeWine. Casey has a myriad of experience on the federal, state, and local levels, and her personal policy interests include taxation, defense, and agriculture.