Matt Walter’s Op Ed Urging Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy to Sign Bipartisan Budget Agreement

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The citizens of Connecticut have been taxed over and over again without any long-term fiscal fixes to their state’s finances. Now when a bipartisan budget is passed to right the state’s finances, Democratic Governor Dan Malloy threatens to veto the agreement! Governor Malloy and his Democratic allies in the state legislature should be ashamed of their political posturing on this bipartisan agreement.

SGLF’s Executive Director Matt Walter urges Governor Malloy to sign the bipartisan state budget agreement which includes no new tax increases in an op-ed for the National Review today. See below for a brief excerpt of the article:

When you max out your credit cards and start raiding your emergency fund to pay last month’s overdue bills, most financial experts would advise that it’s time to change your spending habits and cut back when necessary. That’s precisely what the bipartisan budget passed Friday night by state legislators in Connecticut does. The budget backed by the state GOP caucuses and a few brave Democrats in both chambers finally rights the fiscal ship in Hartford and forces the state to live within its means without raising taxes one cent. 

Governor Dan Malloy has vowed a veto because the proposed budget offends his union allies by requiring commonsense changes to their taxpayer-funded gold-plated pensions and health-care plans.

The rest of the article can be found at National Review Online.