SGLF Launches Ad Buy Promoting Lt. Governor Kinder’s Support for Seniors

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) today released a digital advertisement promoting Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder’s extensive record of fighting for Missouri seniors. The five-figure ad-buy is set to run for two weeks in Missouri, with the goal of reminding Missourians of the many ways Kinder has sought to fight for those who have already given so much to their state.

“From his time as a legislator through his tenure as lieutenant governor, Peter Kinder has consistently fought hardest for those who cannot always stand up for themselves,” said SGLF Executive Director Matt Walter. “As a state senator, he sponsored legislation to stop the exploitation of seniors, and most recently as a member of the executive branch, he blocked Democrat Governor Jay Nixon’s attempts to cut programs essential to the well-being of the elderly community. Lt. Governor Kinder is an exemplary public servant in the absolute truest sense.”

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