RSLC Launches REDMAP 2020, Sets $125 Million Investment Goal

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) – in partnership with its strategic policy partner, the State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) – launched REDMAP 2020 with a $125 million investment goal through 2022. REDMAP 2020 is modeled after the RSLC’s successful REDistricting MAjority Project (REDMAP) program in 2010 that was instrumental in Republicans picking up 21 new legislative majorities that year and putting Republicans in a strong position before the decade’s redistricting. Similarly, REDMAP 2020 will prioritize electing Republican legislators in states across the country in an effort to keep and expand Republican-controlled legislative chambers in advance of 2020 redistricting. Also as part of REDMAP 2020, the SGLF will now help the Republican redistricting data acquisition efforts and provide targeted legal strategic advice in redistricting cases.

“We are launching REDMAP 2020 to stay on offense at a time when Republicans are at historic highs in state chambers around the country,” said RSLC Chairman Bill McCollum. “The launch of REDMAP 2010 marked the beginning of strong gains in the number of Republican-controlled legislative bodies at the state level that led to helping both solidify a Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and winning back the U.S. Senate a few years later. It’s important to maintain that success at all levels of government, and by investing $125 million over the next seven years, we plan to help do just that.”

“When we started REDMAP in 2010, we were able to utilize the in-depth knowledge and resources of the RSLC’s vast network of Republican elected leaders who represent all 50 states,” said SGLF Chairman and former NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds. Reynolds served as REDMAP Chairman in 2010. “To now expand that role from winning critical legislative majorities that help shape the redistricting process to also providing targeted legal strategic advice and commentary for ongoing redistricting legislation is exciting for the REDMAP 2020 program. It’s exciting for the future of the Republicans Party.”

Through REDMAP 2010, the RSLC raised $30 million and led Republicans to take control of 21 new chambers, including capturing control of both chambers in several states President Obama went on to win twice: Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Republicans today control a Party-record 69 of 99 state legislative chambers. REDMAP 2020 will work to maintain the historic highs we hold today, including those in Obama-blue states, while working to pick up additional majorities in states like Kentucky, Maine and New Mexico where the legislatures play a vital role in crafting district boundaries, and Republicans currently control only one of the two state chambers.

As part of REDMAP 2020, the RSLC’s strategic policy partner the SGLF will take on an increased role in helping to support the Republican Party’s data acquisition efforts. The SGLF will also actively file amicus briefs with controlling authorities for select cases in states as it relates to redistricting.