SGLF Launches Ad Buy on Speaker Madigan’s Inexcusable Debt

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WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) launched a digital ad buy asking Illinoisans to stand up to Michael Madigan and the massive debt each citizen has incurred since he became Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives in 1983. Since then, Illinois’ total debt levels have risen to more than $321 billion, or $24,959 per person in the state, giving Illinois the fifth highest debt levels in the country. While Madigan keeps Springfield in gridlock with his dire attempt to raise the debt another $4 billion, the digital ads ask citizens to tell Madigan to quit digging Illinois into a ditch.

“The over 12 million people of Illinois are owed answers by Speaker Madigan on why he insists on deepening 30 years of reckless spending with his current budget proposal,” said SGLF Executive Director Matt Walter. “Such an enormous debt impacts every member of the Prairie State, and it’s time to tell the Speaker that enough is enough.”

The digital ad buy launched today and will run through the rest of the week around the state.