SGLF Releases Statement on the Supreme Court’s Decision on Redistricting

vchicola Redistricting

WASHINGTON, D.C. – State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) Chairman Tom Reynolds released the following statement on the Supreme Court’s decision today on Arizona redistricting:

“State governments have long served in a critical role making decisions that closely impact voters. They have been entrusted with this role as elected bodies who are uniquely held accountable by voters. Today’s decision allows a delicate process that extends back to our nation’s creation to remain in the hands of those who were not elected and have little accountability to voters. Five years ago, our REDistricting Majority Project (REDMAP) helped state legislatures in their efforts to build fair and competitive districts, and we are disappointed Arizona’s legislature will remain unable to drive that process for its constituents going forward. We will continue to push for state governments to take the lead on this important task.”