SGLF Launches Center for Conservative Initiatives: A National Effort on State Ballot Initiatives

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WASHINGTON D.C.  – As liberal groups ramp up their efforts to push ballot initiatives in response to their waning power at the state level, the State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) announced today the Center for Conservative Initiatives (CCI) to provide important information that is readily available to the public and offers a balance to the left’s efforts. CCI will leverage resources to oppose or support ballot initiatives, encouraging common sense conservative governing, limiting bureaucratic growth and protecting free enterprise and individual liberties.

“The left has made it clear since their significant losses last November that they will increasingly throw their efforts – and money – behind ballot initiatives, understanding that they no longer have control in state chambers to push through their liberal policies,” said SGLF Executive Director Matt Walter. “Not until now have right-of-center groups had the structure in place to thoughtfully fight back. We look forward to promoting conservative policies and thwarting liberal attempts to advance their policies when voters have already rejected them.”

2015 will be the focus pilot project year for CCI that will initially compile and index expertise on the highly complex process by which issues reach the ballot. Detailed studies will be conducted on which issues and approaches ultimately succeed or fail. CCI will identify states and issues that rank as high priorities for conservative leaders. CCI will then strategize with those leaders and invest resources to accomplish specifically stated goals. The SGLF is prepared to raise millions through CCI to inform the public.

“The SGLF has proven to be an incubator of successful, conservative free market solutions, and CCI is a natural next step for our organization,” said Walter. “In the same way that tomorrow’s future national leaders are born at the state level, so too are good ideas. We are thrilled to launch the Center for Conservative Initiatives and look forward to growing it as we continue our fight for small, smart government.”