About SGLF



SGLF firmly believes in the pressing need for good, sound policy-making at the state level. Given the breadth and depth of policy issues faced by state governments, the need for SGLF to help guide and direct the prioritization of and dialogue around these issues has never been greater. Across the ideological spectrum, SGLF is finding that the issues confronting stakeholders in state government are becoming more urgent and complex than ever before. This shift has resulted in a new generation of state leadership that increasingly seeks more intellectually sophisticated policy solutions and strategic advice on implementation.

Today, there is a real and immediate need for a national conservative policy organization equipped to engage leaders at all levels of state government. SGLF is front and center in this regard by proactively promoting sound policy throughout the states, by educating public and state government officials, and by defending key policy ideas, state leaders and legislation when they come under attack.


 SGLF devotes resources in the form of research and training, public issue advocacy engagement, public communications, policy analysis, conferences and other means of dialogue among conservative state leaders and the public. SGLF emphasizes free market solutions, education reform, tort reform, labor reform, and American energy freedom.

In 2015, SGLF launched several new state-level policy efforts including international trade missions to facilitate global trade interest with American states, the Center for Conservative Initiatives which offers strategic solutions in the ballot initiative process nationwide, and the REDistricting MAjority Project, or REDMAP 2020. Launched in partnership with SGLF’s strategic political partner, the RSLC, SGLF’s role in REDMAP 2020 is to help the Republican Party’s redistricting data acquisition efforts and provide targeted legal strategic advice in redistricting cases.


 Your contribution to SGLF will help us get the word out to citizens in every state, preparing and equipping them to step up and speak out on crucial issues. SGLF exists through the generosity of its donors. Individuals, organizations and companies sharing state-level public policy concerns find SGLF to be an effective organization to foster a dialogue on these issues.

There is no limit on the type or size of contributions and the IRS does not require public disclosure of donors. Contributions to SGLF are not deductible as charitable donations. SGLF’s tax ID number is: 20-0505849.


 For more information, please contact Micah Ketchel at [email protected]